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My name is Desiree. I'm a newly fitness blogger who wants to share my story in becoming a healthier person. I plan to eat clean and exercise in order to reach my goal! Follow me on my fitness quest to become a better, healthier, young individual

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    Yesterday at the gym

    Yesterday at the gym

    — 1 week ago
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    Reflection of day 3

    I was very happy that I got to go to the gym!!! Yesterday was light cardio and ab day for me. Yesterday I did crave food, like a lot :( I woke up yesterday morning feeling a little hungry but throughout the day I felt fine. Even after my workout I was worried but I still felt fine. I can see little changes in my stomach . For instance, I no longer look like I have small bloat! My upper part of my stomach looks like it slimmed down a bit. My lower stomach where I had the tiny pudge doesn’t look as pudgey lol I’ve noticed that I’ve been waking up with energy, like I wake up before my alarm

    — 2 months ago with 1 note
    Day 3 of cleanse

    Meal 4: 3pm
    Smoothie blend: spinach, strawberry, banana, 1 c of water

    Gym workout
    -warm up: 16 mins
    -intervals of walking 2 mins, running 3 mins
    -standard crunch: 3/10
    -st ups w/ 10lb plate: 2/10
    -knee lifts on the dip machine: 3/10
    -oblique twists w/ 10 lb plate: 2/10
    -side oblique dips w/ 25 lb plate: 2/15(both sides)
    -stepper: 15 mins, level 15, 117 cals burned
    -seated bike: 15 mins, level 5, 76 cals burned

    After my workout I had 2 16oz cups of detox lemon, strawberry, and mint infused water.. Unfortunately I didn’t have my last smoothie blend because I accidentally fell asleep after my shower :(

    — 2 months ago
    Mid day follow up

    I’m still feeling good. I actually woke up this morning feeling very energized! I couldn’t even sleep in until my alarm. I feel lighter and I feel full. I’m still thinking about food but no cravings . however I still woke up this morning feeling hungry but I now weigh 172.2 so I lost a pound since yesterday

    — 2 months ago
    Day 3 of cleanse

    -1 c of tea with lemon

    Meal 1: 7am
    Smoothie blend: spinach, celery, carrots, tomato, 1 c of water
    -followed by 1c of of strawberry,mint, and lemon

    Meal 2: 9:30am
    Smoothie blend: Spinach, apple, banana, cinnamon, 1c of water
    -followed by 1c of water

    Meal 3: 12pm
    -smoothie blend: spinach, celery, carrots, apples, 1c of water
    -followed by 1 c lemon and strawberry detox infused water

    — 2 months ago with 1 note
    Reflection of Day 2

    Still going strong ! Some points during the day I felt a little hungry but nothing too major. I had a lot of energy and didn’t feel tired or sluggish once. I already feel lighter. These smoothies blends actually taste really good so that’s helping

    — 2 months ago
    Day 2 of cleanse: meal 5

    Smoothie blend: spinach,kiwi, banana, apple, 1 c of water
    -followed by 1 c of detox mint,strawberry, lemon water

    — 2 months ago